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Hello, guys! I hope you are having a good week, and a glorious 2017, so far?

I am currently laughing so hard because of the title of the post… it was a real struggle trying to fit in ”Underground Nigerian Artists You Probably Don’t Listen To” in it.

Anyway, remember the blog series – where I shared underground Nigerian artists that I found on SoundCloud –  that was started here and the second post was made here? I am pleased, extremely pleased, to inform you that it will be moving to Kakaki Africa (number 1 comedy and music platform in Africa).

How exciting!

Moving on to the juicy information…

Do you know any Nigerian artist, that makes good music, who needs some sort of exposure? Or are you that artist? Please carefully read the below details to get a feature.

Send a mail to including:

1.Your stage name

2.A brief background information on yourself (mostly on your music career)

3.A good quality photo of yourself

4.Links to your songs, eps, albums and everything relating to your music

Kindly note that the subject of the mail should be ”UNDERGROUND NIGERIAN ARTIST”

Finally, you might not be able to access the website right now because it is under construction, but you can follow on twitter here and like on facebook here.

That’s it, guys.

Please share this post everywhere! 

Do not forget, #HelpOurCareersTogether2017

See you soon, 



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